For us, awareness means: awareness work, sustainability and regional roots. Apart from the programme, we see this as the essential work and responsibility for us as organizers. We know that we are far from reaching our goal, but we are looking forward to walking the path together with you.

Awareness concept.

Every summer, the VËRYL Festival is the temporary home of our guests for a long weekend. A home is always a place of well-being. Everybody should have this feeling with us. Meaning: The festival sees itself as a space where everyone can live out their lives and feel comfortable. Especially Flinta* and PoC.

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Those who live out their lives want and should be free. But one's own freedom always ends where that of others begins. So, freedom goes hand in hand with a certain degree of responsibility. Especially when dealing with other people and nature. That's why we also have some rules that everyone must abide by: We respect boundaries, accept freedom, are sensitive and emphatic, learn from each other and look out for each other. And please always remember: No means No. And Only Yes Means Yes.

If you feel harassed, discriminated against or simply uncomfortable, or if you experience such behavior from others, our awareness team is there for you around the clock. It listens, offers support when it is needed, and focuses on making the space safer for those affected. Specifically, in cases of sexual assault or other forms of discrimination. In such cases, expulsion can also be a possible consequence.

The Awareness Team has its own space, which serves as a place of retreat and a contact point. Where exactly you can find it on the airfield, you can find out in the program, the notices on site and announcements on the floors. There will also be a telephone number that you can call around the clock. On the site itself you will recognize the team by their pink vests. Please do not hesitate to contact them.

If you have any suggestions or questions before, during or after thefestival, feel free to write to us at We are looking forward to seeing you.


For us, sustainability doesn't just start at the festival. Together with our partners, we develop the sustainable orientation of the festival in the run-up to the festival.  

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The basis for this is the careful use of resources: building materials, structures and decorations are largely reused or taken from other sources in order to keep the CO2 footprint as low as possible.

The materials themselves are also chosen consciously. The use of plastic is completely avoided, both in production and on site at the festival.

Another aspect is the complete renunciation of fish and meat. All drinks and food offered on site are vegan and vegetarian. We also ask you to refrain from bringing meat with you. At least on this weekend.

Festivals are known to consume a lot of electricity. That's why we only use green electricity at the VËRYL Festival. The production office and warehouse are powered entirely by renewable energy, in the form of photovoltaic systems on the premises.

Please be conscious of our environment. Because: We want to leave the area around the airfield in Werneuchen as we found it, if possible, even better. Therefore, each of you will receive a rubbish bag and an ashtray at the entrance. They will be happy to be used. There will of course be plenty of rubbish bins on the grounds. These will be separated into paper, glass, organic and residual waste. And if you do see rubbish lying around, just pick it up quickly.


Regionality is particularly important to us. Since the beginning, we have relied on cooperation with many local partners. From craftsmen to construction machinery companies to food trucks and beverage producers.

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Supporting local initiatives is also important to us. In 2022, for example, two euros from every ticket sold will go to the Baumretter e.V., which has set itself the task of enabling people and cities to lead sustainable and conscious lives and to actively support the environment. Together with the organization as well as the municipal utilities and the Werneuchen town council, we are implementing a project that will protect Werneuchen's tree population. For example, through large-scale watering and tree planting campaigns as well as tree sponsorships. The total amount of donations goes directly to the Baumretter e.V. After realization, the use of all funds as well as the concrete projects will be listed transparently.